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Protegete todos los días

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All year round, even in the city, sun protection is essential to keep your skin healthy and looking beautiful. But you must choose the right protection index...

UV rays: a danger all year round

Contrary to common belief, you shouldn't just protect your skin from the sun's rays when you're on holiday at the seaside or in the mountains. All year long, your skin is exposed to UVB and UVA rays, and their respective damaging effects. UVA and UVB rays act differently on the skin:

  • UVB rays penetrate the superficial layers of the epidermis and are the main culprits responsible for tanning, but also sunburns and more importantly, skin cancer
  • UVA rays are not or are only slightly absorbed by clouds and glass. They penetrate more deeply into the skin and can reach the dermis. Among them are long UVA rays. Representing the majority of UVA rays and present all year round, even in cloudy weather, they penetrate to the core of the dermis and cause irreversible skin damage.

Extreme or moderate: what is your level of exposure?

It basically depends on the type of sunshine, the time spent in the sun and your phototype:

  • extreme or lengthy exposure, also called "zenithal" exposure, because it is generated by the sun at its zenith, generally occurs during seaside or skiing holidays. Other types of activity (lunch in the sun, outdoor sports, walking, etc.) can also cause non-intentional exposure.
  • daily exposure corresponds to the time we spend every day outside and inside, behind a window.

Should sun protection be worn at all times?

Solutions for daily protection

For daily sun protection against UVA and UVB rays, the Anthelios range by La Roche-Posay Dermatological Laboratory offers a wide choice of sensory textures for each skin type, to encourage more frequent use.

The new Aquagel SPF 30 ultra-light formula combines:

  • High UVA protection, even from long UVA rays for skin that's well protected all year round.
  • A smooth, moisturizing fresh gel texture, ideal for daily use.
  • A non-greasy and invisible finish.

Year-round use of sun protection prevents the risks associated with the sun long term, including premature skin aging, pigmentation disorders (pigmentation marks, pregnancy mask, etc.) and skin cancer.

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